Mr. Sunil Kumar R
President - TAAI

Thank you for 2015-17. Welcome 2017-19.
Reminiscences to Recall & Miles to go...

Life is all about living. Some live to create history and some live to follow history. When our living discovers the un-visualized or the un-attempted, the excitement levels are greater. What we accomplish is always fondly recalled.

I have been driven by the thought - only those who climb, can fall.This brings up higher levels of urge to discover and to take risks. I am impacted by the thought, "if we do not risk the usual, or "question" the answer, we get rewarded with mediocrity".

Yes. For TAAI, every year must surpass the previous. Every Team must add value.


2015-2017 was eventful. It gifted reminiscences that will get recalled. To lead the team of 32 MC members and Chairpersons was an outstanding experience. TEAM 2015-17 is worthy of outstanding merit. We encountered the challenges of the industry; contributed towards our growth; handled complexities and reflected a strong sense of character and wisdom to take TAAI forward.Thanks to this fantastic Team of TAAI that earned some superb achievements. This issue of NAMASTAAI will say it all.

Times change. Teams change. Thoughts Change. The Transition to a newer era instills greater fervor. We now have the new team 2017-19 that will steer the way forward. It is a huge responsibility to meet expectations and steer the association to more laudable roles. It is important that the new team surpass the previous. We must discover more and create more memories to recall in future.

For TAAI to progress from its 66th year to 68th year, these two years will mean more. In a changing environment, embracing change and renewing visions are an important priority. Tennyson's quote - the old order changeth yielding place to new, will reflect in our pursuit to drive TAAI to new levels of growth and success.

Our "connect" with members must go stronger. Our way to interpret the evolving environment and prepare for new approaches can support our endeavor.

One key aspect every one at TAAI must be ready for is to see beyond. As Stephen covey says - "Each of us guard a gate of change that can only be opened from the inside"; we must broadband our thinking and get TAAI on a newer and taller pedestal.

I thank the members of TAAI for electing the new team 2017-19, and giving me the opportunity to lead, once again. I am as eager, that we must ring in the new. We can. Let's do it together.

Warm Regards,
Sincerely yours

Sunil Kumar R
President, TAAI

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