To live purposefully is to consistently experience learning and growing. It encourages greater passion. The science of learning is interfaced with our sense of discovery. When the thrill of a discovery is lost, learning takes a back seat.Innovation supports excitement as we discover. Those who get trapped into a routine arrest growth but not age. “Regrets’ take over. We regret that we did not strike when we had to. Regrets play heavier on us as we growolder and we donderwhy we missed those opportunities or shots that we did not take.

TAAI’s leadership of 67 years is immense learning. We witnessed the ups and downs of the industry and continue to encounter growing challenges. It becomes imperative for an active industry leader like TAAI to offer impetus for broader visions and innovation to strengthen members in their resolve to sustain.

TAAI is organizing our 64th Convention & Exhibition at India’s most fantastic; scenic and serene valley city of India, Srinagar from 27th to 30th March, 2018. Our previous convention was held here 31 years ago. The sights are amazing. The venues chosen are stunning. The content must inspire us with newer visions. Our convention theme’s focus is on incredible Tourism – Integration. Inspiration. Innovation. Do join us. We can reimagine a newer way-forward.

Nobel Prize awardee Heinrich Rohrer said - Science means constantly walking a tightrope between blind-faith and curiosity; between expertise and creativity; between bias and openness; between experience and epiphany; between ambition and passion; and between arrogance and conviction - in short, between an old today and a new tomorrow.

We must strive to go far beyond today and be curious; creative; open; to discover; breathe passion and adorn conviction. We can be responsible for a superb future and a more living.

I firmly believe we can.For our Industry.For ourselves.For the Future. Let’s do it together.

Warm Regards, 
Sincerely yours

Sunil Kumar R
President, TAAI